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Will I Have to Spend a Lot of Time Working on the Case?

If you have filed a personal injury claim and want to get fair compensation for your injuries, you are likely wondering how much time you will spend working on your case.

Although all lawsuits follow the same process, you will need to speak with a personal injury lawyer to know how much time you will invest in your case. The complexity of the case, the number and availability of witnesses, and the number of cases in front of yours on the court’s docket may impact the investment of time. This guide gives you an overview of the tasks you must complete as you move forward with your lawsuit.

Doctor Visits

Going to the doctor is one of the most important parts of both recovering from your injuries and building your case. Your doctor will document your file in medical records that show the injuries you are diagnosed with, the steps that were taken to help you recover from your injuries, and a snapshot of the symptoms you reported on any given visit. These records are evidence that may be used in court. The amount of time you spend in your doctor’s office depends on what type of injuries you have, the extent of your injuries and whether there are treatment options available that would help you recover. If you need to see a specialist, you will spend more time getting treatment for your injuries.

Choosing a Lawyer

The legal expert you hire will play a big role in your odds of obtaining a fair outcome on your case. You want a lawyer who will dedicate enough time and resources to your case to give you the highest odds of obtaining a reasonable settlement or jury verdict. Rather than just picking the first lawyer you find, speak with several of them to see which ones stand out to you the most.

Do not be afraid to ask about a prospective lawyer’s success rate, the lawyer’s fees, the lawyer’s active caseload, or the amount of time she will spend building and refining your case. In addition to helping you find the right lawyer for your situation, speaking with several legal experts gives you a range of perspectives so that you can get a full picture.

Meeting With Your Lawyer

You might think your first meeting with your lawyer is all that you need, but it is not. You must meet with your lawyer throughout the case to get updates and to decide what path you would like to take. Your lawyer will handle most of the paperwork and legal aspects of your case. The legal expert you hire will still need to get your input and give you the facts as they unfold so that you will know how your lawsuit is progressing.

Discovery and Depositions

Discovery happens after a lawsuit is filed and is a big part of the legal process. You will be asked written questions by the other side and will also be asked to turn over copies of any documents that may be relevant to the case. Your lawyer will make objections and provide guidance on answering these questions and will also ask questions to the other side.

In most lawsuits an injured person will be asked to give a deposition. This is a process where the defense attorney gets your story under oath so that both sides can evaluate the case for settlement or hold you to that testimony if the case goes to trial. Your lawyer will help guide you through this process. Most depositions last between 1.5-2.5 hours, but the Defendant is allowed to take up to 6 hours in Texas and you should always be prepared to go for the maximum amount of time.


If you and the other party are unable to reach a reasonable settlement, you must prepare for trial. Your lawyer will bring all of the evidence he gathered in the weeks or months leading up to the trial and argue the facts in front of a judge or jury. The defendant will have a chance to refute your evidence and paint a different picture for the court. Although most civil trials take several days, they can also take much longer depending on the situation and a range of other factors.

Final Thoughts

Your lawyer will handle the most complex aspects of your case so that you will not need to worry about them. You must still invest time meeting with your lawyer as your case moves forward. In simple terms, a legal battle is not always easy and will often require a significant investment of time and energy.

If your injuries are so severe that you need to seek compensation to cover the expenses, the battle will be worth it in the end. Make sure you choose the best possible personal injury lawyer to give yourself a strong shot at getting a fair settlement or winning at trial.

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