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Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys for over 40 Years

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Board Certified Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys

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Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys for over 40 Years

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Board Certified Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys

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Welcome to the Turley Law Firm – Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers

The Turley Law Firm is driven by three key principles: Integrity, Experience, and Compassion. When you speak with one of our Dallas personal injury lawyers, we will give one-on-one attention to you and your family. At Turley Law Firm, you’re not a case – you’re a person.

For more than 40 years, the Turley Law Firm has been distinguished by experience. To speak with one of our compassionate Dallas personal injury lawyers, please call (214) 691-4025 today to schedule your free consultation. Our Dallas personal injury attorneys represent clients in Dallas, Texas, as well as other parts of the country.

Ready for Trial Since 1973

Personal injury can take many different forms and run a broad spectrum in terms of severity. If you or a loved one was injured, you’ll need the services of dedicated, experienced personal injury attorneys in Dallas who can pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Many clients visit us after being injured in an accident on the busy thoroughfares of Dallas. We provide qualified representation to victims of:

Of course, not all accidents involve a vehicle. Our injury lawyers also represent clients harmed by:

With 40 years of experience, our Dallas personal injury law firm has won justice for victims harmed in many different circumstances beyond their control. Our Dallas personal injury lawyers can also pursue a wrongful death case on your family’s behalf if a loved one succumbs to injuries caused by negligence.

Seeking Justice for Victims and Families

Although physical wounds can be life-altering, the emotional and mental aftermath of an injury can be just as devastating. Along with personal injury and accident cases, the Turley Law Firm has become renowned as a voice for victims who suffered sexual assault or abuse at the hands of predators in organizations and institutions.

Tragically, many of these cases involve children too traumatized to face the abuse until years after the fact. The Turley Law Firm has the resources and dedication to pursue justice in these cases even when the abuse occurred long ago.

To find out how our Dallas personal injury lawyers can help you, please contact the Turley Law Firm online or call (214) 691-4025 today to schedule a free review of your case.

The Turley Law Firm

Our founder, Dallas personal injury lawyer Windle Turley, started the law firm in 1973. Over the last 40 years, our personal injury lawyers have handled a wide array of personal injury, accident, and wrongful death cases. If you or a loved one, was hurt because of the malicious conduct of someone else – we can help.

It’s likely that you and your family members, are confused, hurt, and worried about your future. Accidents can be devastating – not only physically, but emotionally and financially. We understand the pressure you face, and are here to help you. Our attorneys work one on one with every single client and their family, to help them through this difficult time.

We offer a risk free consultation to every single prospective client. We listen to your story, and help you understand if you have a case or not. From your first phone call and meeting at our office, one of our attorneys will be talking to you, providing insights and guidance, and answering your questions.

No Fee Unless We Win

Our law firm only charges a fee if and when, we win your case. We’re on your team – and that means aligning our interests with yours. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid when you get paid. In the event we’re unable to win your case, our firm doesn’t charge you a penny.

High Profile Law Firm

We’ve built a national reputation over the last 40 years, doing high quality, and high profile, litigation. In 2015 and 2016, the Turley Law Firm was named a Tier 1 Dallas practice in Personal Injury Litigation for Plaintiffs by a survey of Best Law Firms. Attorneys at our firm have argued before the highest state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. We have the experience and resources, to take your case to trial. Our founder Windle Turley has been named Best Lawyer in Personal Injury Litigation since 1983 by U.S. News and World Report. In addition to his extensive experience as a litigator, Mr. Turley is an accomplish lecturer and author.

We have experience handling accident and injury cases for clients from the USA and 25 other foreign countries. Members of our team speak Spanish, Vietnamese, and numerous other languages.

We Handle All Aspects Of Your Case

If you were injured due to the negligence of a company or individual, we can help. We’ll file all the necessary insurance claims in order to avoid any potential delays. We assist you in getting medical treatment, and helping establish lost wages, or loss of earning capacity as a result of your injuries. We retain experts, if necessary, for your accident claim at no up-front cost to you. We work to get you the highest possible settlement off. If necessary, we go to trial, and litigate until we’re able to deliver justice.

The Turley Law Firm is a Dallas personal injury law firm that gives clients a strong voice in the courtroom. Our founder created the Turley Law Firm in 1973, and our legal experience allows us to represent clients throughout the state of Texas. Our team includes bilingual staff members who can discuss cases in Spanish, Vietnamese, and many other languages, if needed. Regardless of how you were injured, we can help. We can answer your questions and help you get justice.

Our goal is to help our clients recover and to ensure they can focus on healing from their injuries. Our attorneys are committed to helping injured clients get the compensation they deserve and the service they need. We never stop until we can achieve the justice our clients deserve.

We provide punctual and personalized service and focus on the needs of our clients. Our staff members provide timely responses and personalized services for each and every client. We make sure each and every client is able to understand the legal options available to them and the best way to resolve their case. We listen to our clients and provide guidance when they are unsure of what to do next.

We are ready for trial – if that is what it takes to achieve justice. Our litigation team includes investigators, litigators, legal professionals, assistants, and paralegals. We have a network of experts and legal professionals in Texas to get settlements and verdicts that can help us achieve the outcomes our clients deserve. As a trial law firm, we are well-prepared to represent and help injured individuals and their families.

Accidents Can Happen To Anyone 

Accidents can happen in many ways. The type of incident that occurred will dictate how we handle the case. For example, if the injury happens at work – your claim will differ from a claim that arises from a car accident or due to medical malpractice. No matter what type of accident occurs, we thoroughly investigate so we can identify the cause and find the negligent parties to hold responsible. We can help our clients recover for things such as: emergency transportation, trauma care, doctor visits, specialist visits, hospitalization, surgery, therapy, equipment, medication, lost wages, and more. For victims who suffer injuries with long-lasting or permanent effects, you may require ongoing treatment. We can help you recover for all losses you suffer, both past and future.

Important Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a personal injury case

Several types of accidents can qualify. In general, you may have a personal injury claim if you were injured because another person was careless or negligent. This can occur in many different types of cases. We often handle cases where our client was injured in a car accident, hurt by a defective product, or suffered because a business failed to properly train or supervise an employee. In these situations, the plaintiff (the victim) may be able to file a personal injury claim.

How do I know if I have a claim

In order to have a claim, we need to be able to identify a responsible party who caused the accident and injury. You do not necessarily need to have physically visible injuries in order to file a personal injury claim. Other examples of injuries can be emotional distress, physical impairment, or pain and suffering.

Who can file an injury claim

The person who is injured can file a claim for his or her personal injury. In some cases, the injured person’s children, spouse, or parents may also be able to file a claim. Each state has different laws on what qualifies as personal injury. In a personal injury claim, the plaintiff (injured person) must provide evidence showing that the defendant is responsible for the damages incurred.

How much compensation can you get

The value of a personal injury case depends on the damages you have incurred. You may be able to recover for things such as medical bills, lost wages, property damages, emotional damages, pain and suffering, and physical impairment. Every case is different. Some cases resolve  quickly, while others take more time to complete. Many different factors—the type of claim, the extent of your injuries, and the circumstances surrounding the incident—can affect how long it may take to resolve a case.

The length of your case and the amount of compensation you receive may be influenced by factors that are outside of your control. These factors may include the amounts of insurance coverage available to cover your injuries, the number of parties involved in the claim or litigation, and the complexity and severity of your injuries.

The complexity of serious personal injury claims is often overwhelming for an injured individual to handle on their own. We meet with each client to develop a personalized strategy to maximize each client’s recovery. An experienced personal injury attorney is often necessary to achieve a fair and just recovery.

How much does it cost to speak with you about my situation?

If you are worried about how much it costs to speak with a personal injury attorney, you may find it interesting to learn that it will not cost you any money. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer is free because the attorney works on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee is based on an assumption that the attorney will be able to help you obtain a settlement or a trial verdict. If you receive compensation, your attorney is reimbursed from your winnings. If you do not receive your compensation, then your attorney will not receive payment for their work either.

Make an Appointment Today

Every state has a statute of limitations. It takes time to build a case. Consequently, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney now. In the meantime, you and your attorney have a chance to sift through the evidence, look for new witnesses, fill out documents and file a lawsuit at the courthouse. Filing a lawsuit does not mean that you will have an instant hearing before a judge. The date and time of your scheduled hearing may not occur for several months. Plus, you may not even need to appear in court. Your lawyer may agree to an out-of-court settlement.

An Attorney Decides Whether to Accept you as a Client

If you suffer from an injury caused by a negligent party, contact a personal injury attorney so that you can find out if you have a case. Remember that you are not asked to forfeit any money for your consultation or at any time after the meeting until you win your case. If you lose the lawsuit, you do not owe your lawyer any fees even though the attorney spent time on your case. You may need to visit more than one law firm before you find a lawyer who is willing to take your case if the first attorney you consult with does handle your type of case or does not have the knowledge or resources to handle your case.

Bring all the Evidence to your First Appointment

Make sure you bring all of your documents to the meeting. Documentation includes a copy of any incident report or investigation by law enforcement and a copy of your medical records. If you have a list of witnesses, share the information with the personal injury attorney. Bring any photographs and videos you took at the site where the accident took place or of your injuries. Your first consultation is an important event. So, you might want to wear formal attire that helps you make a good initial impression. Personal injury attorneys are in high demand. Each lawyer is looking for clients who have good chances of winning. Plus, an attorney wants to work with a client who has an agreeable personality.

What to Expect During your Initial Consultation

A personal injury attorney tries to get a clear picture of the circumstances surrounding your accident. If you are suffering from a serious injury caused by negligence, you have an excellent chance of working with a lawyer who represents you either in or out of court. During your consultation, an attorney looks at the evidence and asks questions about the case. You may need to fill out a simple form in which you provide your name, address, phone number, email address and social security number. Asking for your social security number is a normal part of the application process.

If your attorney determines that you have a compelling negligence lawsuit, you must sign a contract regarding contingency fees. In a personal injury case, contingency fees take the place of retainer fees. A contract explains the percentage you are required to pay the lawyer if you win your lawsuit.

Even though you are retaining a lawyer, fees are based on an unknown event to take place sometime in the future. Without the help of a personal injury attorney, you may never have a chance to file or win a lawsuit. So, do not feel alarmed when you notice that the personal injury attorney is going to charge you a fee for legal services rendered on your behalf. Your lawyer spent a considerable amount of time developing your case and deserves to receive payment if you win a settlement.

Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

If you suffer from an injury caused by negligence, you may need to hire a personal injury attorney. Otherwise, you risk losing your case. A personal injury lawyer provides you with accurate answers to your legal questions. You can even receive help during negotiations with the negligent party’s insurance agent. Most personal injury cases involve complex legal issues requiring the professional interpretation of a qualified lawyer. You can always try to file your own case with the court and represent yourself before a jury. However, the odds of winning are not in your favor.

Most Personal Injury Cases Settle Out of Court

You may not realize that the majority of personal injury lawsuits never go to court. Even though a court date is set by a judge, the plaintiff’s attorney and the defendant’s lawyer discuss the pros and cons of a case until they reach a settlement. If they are unable to agree upon the amount of monetary compensation, they may need to enlist the help of a mediator or arbitrator. In any case, you will find it difficult to negotiate with the opposing party’s lawyer should you attempt to represent yourself as a pro se litigant. Even if you succeed in winning your lawsuit, the compensation you receive may not represent the amount of compensation you deserve. When you work with a personal injury attorney, your lawyer strives to win your case until a favorable outcome is reached.

Obtain a Reasonable Estimate of your Damages

If you do not work with a personal injury attorney, you may find that you end up short changing yourself. Unless you have a deep understanding of personal injury laws and civil procedure, it is difficult to arrive at an accurate estimate of the value of the physical, emotional and financial damages that you may be able to recover. If you have a serious disability caused by an act of negligence, you may no longer have the capacity to work at your former place of employment. Plus, obtaining a new job or career may pose insurmountable problems. Your personal injury attorney takes everything into account during your period of legal representation. From determining whether you have a future earning capacity to deciding the type of financial compensation you deserve, your personal injury lawyer represents your needs from start to finish.

You may not have Enough Evidence to Support your Case

Working with a personal injury attorney is not just about filing a lawsuit. Your attorney works hard to gather every shred of evidence to support your claim. For instance, you may not have any witnesses to substantiate your case. Your personal injury lawyer makes an effort to find every witness who saw your accident. In order to prove your case, you must have ample evidence. Working with a professional personal injury legal team ensures that you have sufficient evidence to prove a lawsuit involving negligence. Whether you settle your case in court or via an out-of-court settlement, you still need to provide factual information to support your claim.

A Major Lawsuit Demands Legal Representation

If you have only sustained minor injuries, then you may consider filing a claim without the assistance of a personal injury attorney. For example, a few minor cuts and scrapes may not warrant hiring a lawyer. However, you may still need help with filing an insurance claim and filling out the necessary paperwork involved in bringing a lawsuit to court. If you went to the emergency room soon after your accident occurred, you may want to consult with an attorney before deciding to file a case on your own. In light of the fact that you are not asked to pay a fee for your initial consultation, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney. Plus, you do not provide payment to a personal injury lawyer unless you win your lawsuit.

Work with an Attorney Instead of Taking Chances

Filing a negligence lawsuit involves detailed comprehension of the law. If you are not a lawyer, you should think about your option to hire an attorney. Winning your case depends on correct interpretation of the intricate details surrounding your accident. If you are injured, contact a personal injury attorney today to find out whether you have a claim that could support a viable lawsuit.

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