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What to Do if Your Car Seat Is Recalled?

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We trust in child restraint and car seat manufacturers to keep our children safe. Unfortunately, not everything that comes off the assembly line and gets sold to consumers is entirely fit for use. If you learn that your car seat manufacturer has issued a recall, there are a few important steps to take to ensure the safety of your child. Continue reading for tips on what to do if your car seat is recalled. For help with a products liability or car accident claim in North Texas, call a dedicated Dallas products liability attorney for assistance.

Don’t Panic, Take Action

Recall headlines, especially recalls regarding products for children, are intentionally sensationalized. Scares sell news and clicks. If you learn or suspect that your car seat is subject to a recall, keep calm, and take the appropriate steps.

Check for Recalls

You will first want to verify that your model of car seat is, indeed, subject to recall. Jot down the model number and date of manufacture of your car seat; you should be able to find this information on your car seat label. Then, contact the car seat manufacturer to find out if your car seat is subject to recall, and see what steps they advise. They may be offering refunds or replacements.

You can also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236, which can provide you with updated information about recalls. Recall information is also available on the NHTSA website. The website will identify the covered models and years that have been recalled, the nature of the defect, what led up to the decision to recall (e.g., whether there were any injuries or instead the defect was discovered during an inspection), an explanation of the remedy (replace, refund, repair) and a schedule for the recall.

You are Entitled to a Repair, Replacement or Refund

Depending upon the nature of the recall, your car seat may or may not still be functional. In many cases, the defect is minor and can be easily fixed. The manufacturer may be able to send you a simple part to replace the defective part, meaning you will not need to even send the whole seat back to the manufacturer.

If the defect is more severe, you might need to send the seat back to the manufacturer for repairs. Alternatively, you could be entitled to a refund or a replacement seat of a different (working) model. If the company sold a defective product, it is up to them to fix the problem for you, free of charge, whether that means repair, replacement, or refund. The precise solution may not be up to you (if they can repair the problem, you may not have the option to choose a refund, depending on when you purchased the seat), but it’s their obligation to make sure that your children are safe.

Register Your Car Seat

One useful step to take for the future is to register your new or currently used car seat. Register your seat online or via mail with the car seat manufacturer, using the information sticker on your car seat. Once you register the product, you will be notified of any future recalls via mail or email. That will save you the panic of finding out about a recall in the news.

If Your Child Was Hurt, Call a Lawyer

If a car seat defect led to your child suffering injury, call a defective product lawyer as soon as possible. You might be entitled to substantial compensation for the harm your child and your family have suffered. You could be able to recover for any medical costs you incurred, any pain and suffering your child experienced, and for other damages as well. The sooner you call, the sooner you can start building a case for recovery.

If you or a family member has been injured due to a defective consumer product in Texas, please contact the Turley Law Firm online or call 214-691-4025 or email today to schedule your free consultation. Our experienced Dallas attorneys serve clients throughout Texas and multiple Southern and Southwestern states.

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