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What does the NTSB do in Aviation Accidents?


The NTSB, National Transportation Safety Board, is the federal agency tasked with investigating serious transportation accidents. These events typically involve loss of life or multiple injuries. The NTSB sends a team to investigate most aviation accidents. As part of its work the NTSB will see to it that the site of the crash and the wreckage are secured. It will investigate all aspects of the crash to determine what factors contributed to the aviation accident. The NTSB will look at weather and pilot performance, but will also look at operations at the airport, maintenance of the aircraft and any dangerous conditions or defects that are built into the plane.

The NTSB report and findings become public after the investigation is completed. One of the benefits of the NTSB investigation is that it can lead to safety suggestions so that the same type of crash is less likely in the future.


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