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Verdicts & Settlements

Linda Turley Achieves $1.95 Million Settlement in Alcohol Sales Case

After a drunk driver killed three people and seriously injured another, their family contacted the Turley Law Firm. Through investigative work, Linda Turley discovered surveillance footage of a gas station clerk selling a case of beer to the obviously intoxicated driver. The case settled for $1.95 million.

T Nguyen Exposes General Motors’ Hidden Evidence in Products Liability Case

While representing a man who was partially ejected from a vehicle and seriously injured, T Nguyen discovered General Motors had withheld relevant evidence for nearly twenty-one months of litigation. The Court gave General Motors a formal warning for its failure to disclose this evidence. The Turley Law Firm also secured a satisfactory confidential settlement for its client.

Linda Turley Wins $17.5 Million Verdict Against Infectious Disease Doctor for Untreated MRSA Infection 

Imagine going to the hospital for a routine procedure and leaving a quadruple amputee. This happened to Linda Turley’s client who went in for ulcer surgery and developed a MRSA infection. The infectious disease doctor failed to properly diagnose and treat the infection, which led to amputations of the client’s arms and legs. The case went to trial and the jury returned a verdict of $17.5 million for the Turley Law Firm’s client.

Windle Turley and T Nguyen Settle Abilene Christian University Bus Crash Case for $1.7 Million

Turley Law Firm was privileged to represent two students who were on their way to a mission trip when the bus they were in crashed. Both students were ejected from the vehicle due to faulty design. One was killed in the crash. The other student suffered serious injuries and permanent disability. Windle Turley and T Nguyen obtained a $1.7 million settlement.

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