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Two die in Central Texas crash after city’s fatality-free year

Taylor is a Central Texas city that recorded no traffic accidents involving death last year. Near the end of the first three months of 2013, Taylor had a fatal car accident that killed two people and seriously injured a toddler.

Seven people were directly affected by the car accident that Taylor police said occurred when a 19-year-old driver pulled into traffic on U.S. 79. The teen’s Pontiac entered mainline traffic and was struck by a Chevrolet SUV.

The Pontiac spun around after the collision. Two back seat passengers, both 25, were ejected through the rear window and onto the highway. Sources did not mention whether the passengers wore seat belts.

Three people remained inside including the injured 2-year-old, the driver and a 52-year-old passenger.

All of the adults in the Pontiac shared the same last name. Authorities did not identify the child or state whether victims were members from the same family. The two people who died lived in Liberty Hill. The sedan driver’s address was listed in Lampasas.

Two elderly people occupied the Chevrolet Tahoe, an uninjured driver and a passenger who sustained minor injuries, both 66.

The ejected passengers had died by the time emergency personnel arrived at the crash scene. The people in the Pontiac and the SUV passenger were transported to a hospital. The child was later transferred to a second medical facility. The toddler was listed in stable condition.

Taylor police continue to investigate the fatal collision. Charges are pending. Reports did not say which driver might be charged.

Multiple injuries and deaths within the same family create an unforgettable, permanent misery. Survivors’ recoveries may be long, disabling and expensive. Grief is compounded by uncovered expenses for a loved one’s funeral and burial. Family income suffers from lost wages.

Civil courts are legal avenues to alleviate the suffering of auto accident victims and families harmed by someone else’s negligent behavior.

Source:, “Double traffic fatality in Taylor,” Jason Hennington, March 29, 2013

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