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Truck hits car and kills woman near Dallas

Semi-trucks are not only intimidating when you are in a small vehicle on the interstate, but they can cause cataclysmic injuries or damages when in a collision. Severe injuries can sometimes be almost as tragic for a family as a fatality. Lives can be changed in an instant. That’s why it is so important that truck owners and trucking companies ensure their drivers are safe. They must ensure they have the proper certification and training, that they don’t suffer from driver fatigue by driving too many straight hours and that they don’t drink while on the road.

In commercial vehicle accidents, liability could fall on the driver, owner or even the company if the vehicle or driver is found to be at fault or negligent. Tractor-trailer accident victims often suffer injuries that can lead to a permanent disability, such as brain or spinal damage. When fatalities occur, a family’s life is changed forever. If there is a responsible party, they can be held liable for the suffering and loss experienced by the victim or family of the victim.

A semi-truck and car collision near Dallas occurred recently taking the life of the director of a political fundraising group. The accident occurred in Waxahachie, which is south of Dallas by about 30 minutes. The woman was 59 years old and was the executive director of Annie’s List, which is a Democratic fundraising group.

The semi-truck allegedly struck the woman’s car from behind. The impact of the crash resulted in her car running into another vehicle and flipping it over. Another staffer from Annie’s List was also injured in the collision and ended up in intensive care.

The cause of the truck striking the director’s car was either not known or not divulged. The deceased woman had at one time worked for President Bill Clinton and also as an adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She had been continuing to support her party and her political beliefs.

Source: The Warner Cable News, “Annie’s List Leader Grace Garcia Dies in Car Crash” Associated Press, Jun. 03, 2014

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