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Traumatic brain injuries are correctly named

According to, the leading cause of brain injuries is from falls. The second leading cause is car accidents. But anything that causes a hard hit to the head can result in brain trauma, including a bodily assault from an angry foe.

The brain is fragile. Even when there is no visible evidence of a hit to one’s head, the brain may be jarred up against the inside of the skull causing a concussion. Thus, Texans wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle or playing sports may not be fully protected from concussions and brain injuries in the event of a collision, whether it be with another vehicle or the ground.

Traumatic brain injuries are correctly named because they are just that — traumatic. The effects a TBI can have on a person can be mild, significant or even catastrophic. If someone’s brain is not working right, if affects his or her whole being. The symptoms can be many or few. Memory loss, the ability to speak or think clearly, depression, anxiety, mood swings and loss of motor skills are just some of the potential symptoms.

Many TBI’s are treatable but often require lengthy rehabilitation or therapy. However, in some cases, the effects of a brain trauma do not appear immediately, but show up over time or later in life. Those who have suffered head trauma may feel like they have escaped the bullet, and then not understand what is happening later when their abilities began to deteriorate or they begin to experience symptoms.

Those who have experienced head injuries in a car accident, an assault or a slip-and-fall accident due to the fault of another party should have a thorough exam done by a head injury specialist to find out what they might be up against. If they are eligible to collect compensation for their injuries, they may want to plan for any possible future medical expenses. Medical treatment for TBI’s can be long-term with ongoing expenses.

For more information on the symptoms of TBI’s and how they can change a person’s life, refer to our brain injury webpage.

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