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Tragedy Strikes Indianapolis Family

Tragedy struck an Indianapolis family when their pickup truck rolled over in Hooks, Texas, about 15 miles west of Texarkana. Three passengers, Belen Morales, 44, Jesus Ochoa, 49 and Isaac Morales-Ochoa, 12, were killed when they were ejected from the truck.

Eyewitnesses to the accident report that the truck crossed the center line of the road and then swerved back into the proper lane before rolling over. Police said that the driver of the truck, 17-year-old Abraham Ochoa Morales, likely fell asleep while driving. According to the police, the truck rolled at least three times.

This accident highlights the importance of proper window glazing in cars, trucks and SUVs. Properly-glazed windows prevent passengers from being ejected when a vehicle crashes, even if they are not wearing seatbelts. When passengers are ejected from a vehicle, the likelihood of severe injury or death increases dramatically. In this case, the only passengers who were killed were those who were ejected.

Three other passengers, Veronica Ochoa-Morales, 20, Arlett de la Rosa-Ochoa, 16, and Citaly Ochoa-Morales, 7, were hospitalized for their injuries. Veronica Ochoa-Morales is reported to have "massive facial injuries" that will require reconstructive surgery. The family was driving back from Durango, Mexico.

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