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The Dangers of Pesticides

This Richardson woman may need a defective product lawyerPesticides are commonly used in gardening, landscaping and agriculture, as well as in homes and offices. They can be effective at eliminating pests that harm crops, damage property or carry diseases. Unfortunately, as our Richardson defective product lawyers have seen, pesticides can also cause serious injuries to people when they are labeled or handled incorrectly.

When a pesticide comes into contact with skin, or is inhaled or consumed, a wide range of harmful consequences can result. Some pesticides attack your organs or nervous system. Others lead to cancer and other serious illnesses. Occasionally, the harmful effects of pesticide exposure are immediately apparent, but many times symptoms of exposure lay dormant for months and even years.

Some signs of pesticide exposure include:

  • Difficult breathing
  • Severe nausea
  • Burning sensation in the eyes, mouth or nose
  • Headache
  • Listlessness
  • Numbness
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin blisters

To win a product liability lawsuit, you must first prove that a pesticide was dangerous and you were harmed as a direct result of exposure. This can be a complex and difficult task, especially when years have passed. The defendant may try to argue that years of exposure to other chemicals could have caused the injury instead.

When filing a lawsuit, in Richardson or anywhere in Texas, choose a defective product lawyer with the experience, compassion and tenacity you need to build a strong case. The Turley Law Firm has been helping clients successfully seek justice for more than 40 years. We understand the complexities of product liability cases, and have the knowledge and resources to see your case through to completion.

To speak with one of our attorneys, complete the form on this page or call 214-691-4025 to schedule a free consultation. The Turley Law Firm represents injury victims from Plano, Dallas and throughout Texas and the nation.

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