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Texas man survives after cement truck crashes into his minivan

Texans know that small vehicles are no match against the sheer size and weight of commercial vehicles in a collision. Anyone involved in a trucking accident is likely to sustain serious injuries; however, there are some lucky drivers who escape with just a few cuts and bruises.

A Utah man’s dashboard camera captured a cement truck tumbling toward his car in a frightening video clip, which is being watched around the Web. The man, who is also a professor at a local University, was driving his Toyota Sienna minivan one afternoon. According to police, a cement truck came barreling toward him from the opposite direction. The cement truck driver ran a red light and lost control, making his truck turn over and crash into the man’s van.

Amazingly, the driver of the minivan escaped with minor injuries. This is very surprising in car and commercial vehicle accidents. The cement truck driver experienced only minor injuries as well. According to reports, the driver of the minivan installed the dash cam one year ago in case he ever got into an accident. He reportedly did not remember exactly how the accident happened and was fortunate to have the video footage. After impact, the cement truck’s load spilled onto the road and it took several hours for crews to clean up the area. The cement truck driver was given a traffic ticket at the scene for running a red light.

Between the seriousness of injuries and the complications involved in identifying those who could be responsible in a collision against a commercial vehicle, these cases are very often complex. If an individual gets into a car accident, it is best to gather evidence as soon as possible. Thanks to the dash cam footage, in this case, the minivan driver should be prepared if he decides to make a personal injury or property damage claim against the cement truck driver.

Source:, “CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Cement Truck Flips Over, Crashes in College Station” Kessler McLaughlin, Apr. 09, 2014

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