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Texas man sentenced for child sexual abuse

Sexually molesting a child, in many people’s opinion, is one of the most hideous crimes one can commit. A child is innocent, and rather coerced or forced into sexual acts, a child molester has stolen that child’s innocence, which can have lasting effects on the child, physically, emotionally and mentally.

A judge recently handed down a life sentence for a Fort Worth, Texas, man who was found guilty of sexual abuse on a 3-year-old child. It took jurors less than 10 minutes to find the man guilty of aggravated sexual assault by two counts, of a child under the age of 6.

The man allegedly had additional charges pending against him when he was arrested. He was already being accused of a crime spree in November 2012 that apparently went on for several days, in which he ranked up charges of burglary, robbery and felony theft.

It was also in 2012 when his child victim exposed to a friend of her family that the man had hurt her. That set off the investigation that led to his arrest and conviction.

Handing down a life sentence to sexual predators is one way of ensuring that they cannot harm others or be a threat to others. But what about their past victims? Victims often suffer mental and physical damages that cause them ongoing problems. Mental issues can vary. Victims may experience depressive disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress disorder. A personal injury lawsuit may be able to provide monetary compensation, or in some cases, restitution, to allow victims to afford ongoing medical expenses. In addition, victims can seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

Source:, "Life term for Texas man in sex abuse of girl, 3" Associated Press, Jun. 26, 2014

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