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Texas family suffers catastrophic losses in suspected DUI crash

Survivors of Dallas motor vehicle accidents and their families understand injuries are often more than temporary inconveniences. Even non-life-threatening injuries can be painful or disabling for weeks or months. Treatment and rehabilitation delays returning to work and threatens finances.

Other relatives’ lifestyles are altered to care for an injured family member. An auto accident victim could require round-the-clock care and assistance with shopping, chores and transportation. Some caregivers, often spouses, willingly sacrifice employment to care for a loved one, further depleting financial resources. The physical, emotional and financial drain is magnified when car accident injuries are severe or incapacitating.

An Arlington family’s world was turned upside down when a mother and daughter were killed by what police suspect was an intoxicated driver. A second child in the Kia suffered severe injuries. The 6-year-old’s father said the boy is expected to live but faces a long recovery.

Police said the Kia was turning when a pickup truck slammed into it. The 13-year-old girl died instantly. Her 33-year-old mother died the following week. Two family dogs also perished.

A 21-year-old man was driving the truck. The driver admitted to authorities that he had smoked marijuana the previous day. Investigators also found evidence of what appeared to be the drug in the truck.

The driver was charged with double counts of manslaughter.

A family member’s catastrophic injuries or loss of life leaves a permanent imprint. When several members of the same family are hurt or killed, the people left behind can be overwhelmed. Personal suffering is heaped upon quickly-mounting expenses for funerals, burial and medical expenses.

A victim’s recovery from a violent accident coincides with a family caregiver’s own. At the same time, a criminal investigation may be underway. A personal injury or wrongful death claim is often needed to help victims and families recover damages for temporary or permanent losses.

Source:, “Arlington mother, daughter killed in Oklahoma crash” Bill Hanna, Sep. 05, 2013

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