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Texas child sent to hospital after school bus backs into car

Texas school bus accidents can happen for many reasons, and several different circumstances can contribute to these crashes. The bus may have a collision with a fixed object or crash into another vehicle. Buses may overturn in a crash. Most school buses are not equipped with safety belts, and children could be injured if they fall out of their seats during crashes. The same could also happen if bus drivers make sharp turns or brake suddenly.

It was reported recently that a child was injured in a bus accident involving a car. Emergency personnel responded to a call where a special needs school bus backed up and hit a car in Gatesville. Officials reported that the child was getting out of a car that had driven up behind the bus when the bus began backing out and struck the car’s door. The door then struck the child. The fire department was on the scene and a spokesperson said that the child’s injuries looked to be minor. As a precaution, the child was transported to a local hospital after the accident. No other individuals on the bus were hurt.

School bus accidents may be caused by such contributing factors as inadequate driver training and/or supervision from the school bus company, driver negligence, improper maintenance or weather conditions. It is not known if the bus driver was impaired or distracted in this case.

Often, when buses and commercial truck accidents take place, the weights of the vehicles and the rate of speed at which they were traveling causes additional catastrophic damage to both vehicles and people. If someone’s son or daughter was harmed in a school bus accident, parents should take the time to learn their rights as soon as possible.

Source:, “School Bus-Car Accident Sends One Child To Gatesville Hospital” Paul J. Gately, May. 06, 2014

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