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Texas boy’s sexual abuser convicted; sentence pending

A 41-year-old north central Texas man may be imprisoned for the rest of his life for hurting a child. The Olney man was accused, tried and quickly convicted of the sexual assault of a boy, the oldest son of his one-time girlfriend.

The sexual abuse case began with the confession of the alleged victim two years ago, when the boy was 11. The child told his mother the boyfriend had sexually assaulted him in the home where the couple lived with the boy and his younger brother since 2005. The mother fled the home with the two children, reported the incident to police and moved to a shelter.

The woman told authorities she began to notice changes in her eldest son when he was about 9. The gregarious boy became withdrawn. The mother then noted that her youngest son was always outside alone as she returned from running errands.

The live-in boyfriend also made a habit of using the bathroom when the older boy took showers. In 2010, the defendant took the child on fishing trips. Soon, the boy developed headaches, stomach pain and nightmares.

Eventually, the child told his mother that he had been forced to perform sexual acts with the adult male. A nurse who examined the child testified it was likely the boy had been sexually assaulted.

The child told the jury that the boyfriend regularly forced him to have sex when his mother was not home. The younger brother was sent outside at these times.

The defense argued to suppress an interview that included the defendant’s confession, saying the Olney suspect was not physically or mentally fit. The motion was denied.

The discovery of child sexual abuse is heart wrenching, especially after finding out the child suffered through pain and fear for years. A jury provided rapid criminal justice in this Texas case. A civil court could also provide economic recovery for medical bills through the child’s recovery.

Source:, “Man found guilty of sexual assault of a child, aunt commits assault following verdict,” Cherry Rushin, Nov. 12, 2012

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