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Suspect in fatal Fort Worth crash found hiding in garage

A 61-year-old Fort Worth suspect tried everything he could to elude police and nearly escaped capture. The man was wanted for trying to pass off a counterfeit bill at a convenience store. He led police on a wild chase that included a fatal car accident and an almost-undetected hideaway.

After a store clerk alerted police to a customer trying to use a bogus bill, the suspect jumped into his semi-truck in order to escape authorities. A policeman attempted to detain the suspect at the scene. The officer jumped on the running board of the suspect’s Freightliner truck, only to be thrown from the vehicle when the truck hit a parked car.

The truck kept moving for several more blocks, slipping down an alley between Calmont and Birchman Avenues. Police say the Freightliner struck a sport-utility vehicle, killing a 58-year-old woman passenger and hospitalizing two other people.

The Freightliner’s last stop was a third crash into the garage of a residence. Witnesses told police they saw a bloodied driver get out of the truck and flee. Authorities unsuccessfully searched the neighborhood for any signs of the wounded, wanted man.

One of the places police visited was the longtime residence of a man who habitually checked the locks on his doors before going to sleep. Police left the area after finding nothing unusual outside the home.

The resident discovered that the garage doorknob was locked from the inside, something the homeowner did not normally lock. The resident called police, who found the suspect hiding in the garage behind a parked car.

The Freightliner driver was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter. The survivors of the SUV accident, the husband of the woman who died and another man, are listed in fair and good condition.

The Fort Worth suspect allegedly used fake money and then compounded his crimes by driving drunk and dangerously to flee from police. An innocent life was lost and two others were seriously hurt.

The man found lying on the floor of the garage will face serious criminal charges in court. The families of the people he hurt and killed may find some solace in filing a civil action against the defendant.

Source:, “Neighbor’s Hunch Helps Police Find Suspect Involved In Fatal Car Crash,” Susy Solis, May 26, 2012

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