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Speeding car chase in Dallas has catastrophic consequences

Watching high speed car chases on television often involves multiple car crashes along the way, but we seldom see the consequences of those accidents. In real life, however, the consequences don’t just disappear. They are very real.

A recent high speed chase in Dallas is living proof of the catastrophic or fatal injuries that can occur from this type of reckless misconduct. A 27-year-old man and his passenger were driving a stolen SUV. They were first reported driving recklessly on I-635 in Mesquite.

Mesquite officers pursued the stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee as it ran through a red light on Ferguson Road. Attempts to stop the vehicle were ignored, as the driver drove sped on. As he approached the Shiloh Road intersection, the light was red, and he ran it, crashing into multiple vehicles. One man was killed.

A 58-year-old commercial truck driver was struck and killed only a few blocks away from his residence, where his mother was waiting for him to come home. A group of painters in a van was also T-boned, which caused the van to leave the road and crash into a Mercedes SUV that was sitting at a gas pump. The Mercedes was pushed into the gas pump trapping a woman inside. Fortunately, her husband was able to get her out through the back window.

Even the driver and his passenger didn’t escape unharmed. The driver was ejected from the SUV, and both he and his passenger were taken to the hospital with injuries. When the driver is released from the hospital, he is expected to be charged with murder and probably multiple other charges.

In vehicle accidents like this, the reckless behavior of this driver would be considered grounds for wrongful death among any other injuries that those involved in the accident may have suffered. This driver’s misconduct put many people in danger, and people who perform these types of reckless behavior are often held accountable both by the justice system and by their victims through civil cases.

Source:, “Police Pursuit Ends in Deadly Crash in Dallas” Ben Russell, Nov. 26, 2014

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