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Sexual abuse charges prompt Texas deputy to quit

Sex offenders depend upon a victim’s cooperation and silence. Bullying, threats and violence guarantee sexual abuses continue and remain undiscovered indefinitely. Children and work or social subordinates are favorite targets of sexual predators because of victims’ vulnerabilities.

A Texas sheriff’s deputy resigned from his Harris County job after a Cloverleaf woman complained the deputy used his power as a law enforcer to sexually abuse her. The molestation allegedly took place when the deputy interviewed the woman while he was on duty.

The complaint said the deputy showed up at the woman’s residence for a legitimate reason – an arrest warrant had been issued for the female. The conversation between the deputy and the reported victim began outside the apartment, where the woman reported the officer touched her breast.

The deputy forced the encounter to the inside of the apartment and a bedroom, where the man allegedly forced the woman to engage in sex. The woman felt jail was inevitable unless she continued to cooperate. The female reported the incident to Houston police as soon as the deputy left.

The woman encouraged media outlets to openly use her name. The identities of alleged sex abuse victims are regularly kept private in news reports. The complainant said she was forthcoming with the normally-confidential information because she suspected other women in her neighborhood were also assaulted by the same deputy.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office immediately suspended the deputy until the completion of criminal and internal investigations. The deputy resigned his post the following day.

A victim who accuses a police officer, clergyman, sports coach or teacher of sexual abuse may not be taken seriously. Victims often reveal initial information to a trusted source like an immediate relative, doctor or an attorney. A supportive family member or professional can help the victim move through legal channels, including a personal injury claim.

Source:, “Harris County deputy resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct” Rekha Muddaraj, Aug. 15, 2013

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