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Second plane from Texas airport involved in fatal crash; 4 dead

Two planes that took off from Northwest Regional Airport crashed within two weeks of one another. The unusually close occurrence of fatal airplane accidents at the Roanoke facility in Texas has puzzled officials.

No parallels seem to exist that connect the two aviation accidents, although investigators are still trying to determine what happened in each crash. The most recent Texas plane crash involving the airport killed four people.

The single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza’s takeoff from Northwest Regional Airport was uneventful, according to Flight Aware data. The plane moved southeast toward Mississippi until it reached Kaufman County. Apparently, the plane veered off route for several hours before the crash. Air traffic controllers were unable to track the plane on radar or reach the pilot by radio after the plane was 25 miles from Terrell.

An immediate search was ordered. A state Department of Safety helicopter found the downed aircraft later the same day with all four victims aboard. The plane had crashed in Van Zandt County and was “torn to pieces.”

According to officials who found the wreckage, debris from the most recent crash was “widely scattered.” Investigators have not speculated on why the Beechcraft Bonanza moved off course or whether a mechanical problem could have triggered the plane’s troubles.

Authorities did not make any guesses about the reason the aircraft disappeared from radar view or cut radio contact. A mystery remains about the plane and pilots’ activities in the unmonitored hours before the fatal accident.

Wrongful death claims related to both plane accidents are dependent upon evidence of negligence. The accidents may have been caused by the carelessness of a pilot or the fault of the owner of the plane. The design or manufacture of the aircraft might have been slipshod.

A personal injury attorney with extensive experience in aviation accidents could provide valuable insight into the evidence collection process and legal expectations for families of the accident victims.

Source:, “4 killed in Texas plane crash,” Reginald Hardwick and Mola Lenghi, Oct. 7, 2012

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