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How many non-fatal plane accidents happen in Texas?

While people sometimes assume that plane crashes are incredibly deadly, the fact of the matter is that, though they certainly can be fatal, many accidents and incidents happen without the loss of life. A look back at the data for the last year — running from the first of September in 2013 to the first of September in 2014 — shows that this is true.

Over that time period, there were 19 incidents that were reported to the NTSB — the National Transportation Safety Board — that were deemed to be fatal. It is true that some of these crashes, which involved many small aircrafts, did result in multiple deaths. For instance, a Cessna crashed into the terrain in one instance and killed both the pilot and a passenger in the plane.

If that seems like a lot of incidents, it should be pointed out that there were a full 82 incidents in which no fatalities were reported. Out of 101 total incidents, 81.2 percent of the incidents did not result in the loss of life. While this is certainly not to say that no one was injured, the perception that sometimes surrounds air accidents clearly does not hold true as often as some people believe.

The severity of injuries in these accidents was different for each incident, depending on the nature of the incident and numerous other factors.

Individuals who have been involved in non-fatal airplane accidents could still be suffering from serious injuries. These injuries — and the cost of medical treatment — could be life-changing. For this reason, they may be interested in looking into what legal options they have to get the financial compensation that they need.

Source: NTSB, “Accident Database & Synopses” Sep. 05, 2014

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