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High school junior dies, three hurt in Texas street race

San Antonio police said a Texas high school senior lost her life in a crash that apparently was linked to street racing. The car accident occurred when the vehicle in which four students were riding struck a pick-up truck.

According to investigators’ reports, the teen and three other students from Brandeis High School were in a Mitsubishi Lancer. A second vehicle, identified as a sedan, was speeding alongside the car on an access road near the high school.

The Mitsubishi driver, a male teen, attempted to pass a pick-up without noticing the truck was making a turn. The Lancer hit the truck and crashed into a utility pole, killing one female car passenger and injuring the remaining occupants.

One student was airlifted to a San Antonio hospital. The other victims were transported by ambulance. One of the three survivors was listed in critical condition. Medical conditions for the other victims were reported as serious.

The truck driver was hospitalized and released. A passenger in the pick-up was unharmed.

The sedan that was racing along the same road as the Mitsubishi fled the scene before authorities could identify its occupants.

Negligence can be subtle or blatant. The teenagers may have thought a car race was a thrilling lunchtime diversion. The racing drivers may have realized the danger and embraced it, but it’s likely none of the students anticipated the tragic consequences of high-speed driving.

Published reports did not state whether the student driving the Mitsubishi was a minor. Despite his age, the driver could be held criminally and civilly responsible for causing the injuries and death of his classmates.

Families of the victims may face a lifetime of hardships. Medical costs, therapy, rehabilitation and other accident-related health care expenses could drain family finances. Survivors and relatives may suffer agonizing pain and suffering. All of these damages are compensable through personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Source:, “Brandeis student dies following crash; three more hospitalized,” Joe Conger, Stacia Willson, Feb. 19, 2013

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