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DUI blamed for 3 deaths in Dallas area hit-and-run crash

Police near Dallas recently reported a triple fatality. Authorities said an overnight drunk driving accident caused the deaths of a couple and their infant daughter. The 41-year-old man charged with the hit-and-run crash tried to flee.

The small family was headed home on Interstate 30 after food shopping at a nearby Wal-Mart. The car was rear-ended by a pickup truck driven by the Arlington man police later charged with intoxication manslaughter. The family died as the car, immobilized by the first crash, was struck a second time by a truck hauling a flatbed trailer.

Authorities said the pickup driver started to drive away. The man then abandoned the truck and fled into woods. Police used a heat-detection camera to find and capture the DUI car accident defendant.

The suspected drunk driver was arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter and failure to stop to help the three victims. The man remains in custody on $80,000 bond.

An entire family’s lives were blotted out in a few seconds. The couple may have chosen to shop in the overnight hours to avoid the summer heat or accommodate the baby’s sleeping schedule. The wife, a mother for less than one year, recently had come from Morocco to be with her husband.

Reports did not say whether the couple had other family members in the Dallas area.

Wrongful death compensation is available through civil actions for spouses, children and parents of victims who are killed by negligent or reckless drivers. If you have lost a loved one due to the actions of another, contact an experienced Texas personal injury attorney. These professionals can provide advice on your rights and may file a civil lawsuit on your behalf against those responsible. You may receive financial compensation for such claims as wrongful death, emotional and mental distress, loss of consort, funeral expenses and other damages.

Source:, “Police Say 3 Die In Arlington Traffic Accident” No author given, Jul. 24, 2013

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