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Common Causes of Medical Device Failure

Dallas defective product attorneys When medical devices fail, the consequences can be disastrous. The Dallas defective product attorneys at The Turley Law Firm have been successfully litigating product liability cases since 1973, and have the resources needed to stand up for consumer rights against major corporations.

Medical devices can fail for any number of reasons. It’s important to fully investigate every detail of your unique situation in order to uncover the root cause of any defects. Some common causes of medical device failure include:

  • Incorrect material selection: Choosing and using the right materials is critical to a device’s optimum functionality. Over time and usage, some materials can degenerate to the point of complete or partial failure.
  • Stress overload: Individual components can fail due to being overly stressed or suffering damage in an impact-related stress overload. Determining the cause of a fracture is essential in a product liability case.
  • Poor molding: Medical devices often incorporate plastic components that are molded prior to final assembly. Molding defects frequently lead to device failure.
  • Faulty design or manufacturing: These are key elements to proving negligence in a product liability lawsuit. It is also important to determine if the manufacturer failed to adequately communicate product instructions and warnings.
  • Contamination: Material contamination can be caused by a foreign substance or chemical reaction. A thorough investigation can determine if a device malfunction was the result of a chemical attack.

To learn how our Dallas defective product attorneys can help you, contact The Turley Law Firm today online or at 214-691-4025. We proudly serve clients from Richardson, Plano and throughout Texas.

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