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Collision between a car and a truck shuts down highway for hours

An accident so bad investigators called it “Frankencrash” recently shut down Interstate-35E for about three hours.

The accident occurred after a driver in a passenger vehicle cut off an 18-wheeler truck. As a result, a tractor-trailer rig overturned and about a dozen other vehicles were damaged. Investigators say that the driver who caused the accident was arrested at the scene for numerous charges, including driving without a license and insurance. In addition, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department is further investigating to determine if the driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash.

Common causes for truck accidents that involve passenger vehicles

In many cases, when a commercial truck gets into an accident, it is actually caused by the driver in a passenger vehicle. Some of the common causes for these accidents include cutting in front of a truck, driving behind a truck in its blind spot, driving between two large trucks on the road and not allowing a truck to change lanes or merge on the highway.

That is not to say that truck drivers do not commit their share of negligent actions when driving on the roads. In many cases, when a truck gets involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle, it is because of the actions of the truck driver. Some of the common causes for these types of accidents include driver fatigue, driving while distracted, driving a vehicle that has not been maintained properly and failing to turn the truck properly.

How to sue when you have been injured by another driver

When motorists are injured on the roads, they can sue the other driver if they are able to prove that the person was negligent. Some of the factors that the court will consider include whether or not the driver was speeding, driving drunk, improperly changing lanes or not paying attention to road conditions.

In some cases, the driver is not the only person who is responsible for the accident. If a car malfunctions, someone injured in an accident may be able to sue the manufacturer. Also, when a truck driver causes an accident, in many cases, it is possible to sue the trucking company if the business maintains practices that encourage its workers to drive in an unsafe manner .

Know your rights

Have you been injured because of the negligence of another driver? You may be able to receive compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages as a result of the accident. Contact an attorney to get the help that you need in filing a claim and holding the other driver responsible for not being safe on the road.

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