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Brain injury does not hold 1 young man down

A young Texas boy was involved in a car accident approximately 10 years ago. The car he was riding in was blindsided, and he suffered severe brain injury and a broken neck. The now 14-year-old is determined not to let his injuries keep him down.

The young man is an avid sports fan, which appears to be his inspiration. His mother claims that her son could not even speak after breaking his neck and suffering the traumatic brain injury during the accident. Now, although, still in a wheelchair for the most part, he speaks clearly, takes regular classes at school and even manages to be an honor roll student.

He has also been learning how to walk again with the help of a walker that he must be strapped into. As a team manager for his school football team, he gives pre-game speeches to the players. At their final home game, the young man publicly wowed his fans by walking onto the field in his strapped-in device.

His greatest achievement, however, seems to be his enthusiasm, which makes him an inspiration to others. He loves the Dallas Cowboys and baseball too, it appears. When the Mustangs came to his hometown to play, Cal Poly, second basemen, and Mark Mathias, Big West Field Player for the Year, had the honor of meeting this young man. Mathias was so touched by the 14-year-old’s enthusiasm that he now dedicates all of his games to him.

Traumatic brain injuries are not like other injuries. Depending on the severity, brain injury patients often have to relearn how to do simple things we take for granted — like talking, walking and even feeding themselves. It takes strength and persistence and a strong will to keep from giving up. Recovering from a traumatic brain injury not only takes willpower, but it is expensive.

Ongoing medical treatment and bills can go on for years. When a person has a brain injury that is the fault of someone else, it is imperative that the injured victim seek compensation to cover their ongoing expenses or recovery can be hindered. Many people suffering these type of injuries are no longer able to work, and without funds, they may not be able to avail themselves of pertinent medical treatment.

Source: The Tribune, “Mathias draws inspiration from Texas teen” Alex J. Jankowski, May. 29, 2014

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