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Avenues for compensation in driver misconduct accidents

Highly populated areas like Dallas are bound to have their share of car accidents, and with those accidents, injuries and fatalities. Those injured in car accidents hope that they are covered monetarily by either their own auto insurance coverage or the insurance carrier of another participant involved in the accident.

But what happens if another party is at fault in the accident, and there is not enough insurance coverage to cover a victim’s medical expenses or other recovery needs?

We’ll take, for instance, an accident that occurred in the neighboring state of New Mexico. A man was driving the wrong way down a highway when he had a head-on collision with another car. That car was carrying a mother and her 6-year-old daughter. Both were killed. Alcohol is said to have been a factor, and the man is now in jail on a $40,000 bond. Please note that details of this accident are unknown, and this incident is just used as an example here.

If this man only had the minimum insurance coverage and very little in the way of assets or money, the family of the deceased victims would have very little chance of receiving anything in the way of compensation for their loss or expenses.

All accidents are unique. There may be underlying causes for an accident, which are not obvious. Liability for an accident may involve more than just the driver of the at-fault vehicle. Suppose the driver was intoxicated from sitting in a bar for the past five hours drinking. An injured party from a car accident caused by the then intoxicated driver may be able to hold the establishment that furnished the driver excessive amounts of alcohol liable for damages.

An accident could also be caused by an infraction in the road that the county or city has known about and failed to correct. Maybe a road under construction was not distinctly marked, or a highway had a faulty roadway design. The county or city could end up being a responsible party. Finding an attorney who will thoroughly investigate an accident to rule out other paths of compensation for a victim’s medical expenses may be well worth the effort.

Source: CBS 7, “UPDATE: Hobbs Crash Kills Mother and Child” Heather Jaquez, Jul. 23, 2014

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