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Airplane accident takes the lives of family of 4

Individuals from Texas and around the United States are traveling by small, privately owned aircraft more frequently these days. People are using these planes for business and leisure travel. Many aviation accidents in the U.S. also involve these types of airplanes. People may not hear about the small aircraft accidents that happen outside of their geographical location, perhaps because the media usually covers the larger, commercial airline crashes much more.

A small plane crashed in another state, near a community center on Monday, Feb. 3. The crash reportedly killed everyone on board and damaged cars in the center’s parking lot.

There are many circumstances that can cause airplane accidents. Many of the accidents can be attributed to pilot error or mechanical error. However, aircraft accidents can also be related to errors caused by aircraft suppliers, air traffic controllers and aircraft manufacturers.

Investigators said the Gulfstream 690C, a small, two-engine aircraft, missed on its initial approach to the city’s airport and crashed on the second approach, striking some trees before hitting the ground. Officials said that the crash wreckage was spread over 80 yards. No one was injured inside the community center. The four victims who were on the plane, have not been identified, but are believed to be from the same family.

Figuring out how a plane crash occurred is not an easy process. Aviation law dictates that a number of different procedures must be followed. Aviation experts go through the facts and evidence of an aircraft accident to find the cause. If it is found that the cause of the aircraft accident is attributed to negligence on the part of an individual or entity, then those responsible may be held liable in civil court by the family or families of those who were injured or killed.

Source:, “Small plane crashes outside YMCA in Nashville” No author given, Feb. 03, 2014

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