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9-year-old girl killed in Dallas tow truck accident

Last week, the life of a 9-year-old girl was suddenly ended in a tragic truck accident. According to reports, the crash occurred on an access road to State Highway 121 in Frisco outside of Dallas, Texas.

According to investigators, a woman was driving her two daughters, 9 and 12, when they experienced a problem with their vehicle. The mother slowed the car in the center lane, and a tow truck slammed into the back end of their vehicle, crushing the area where the 9-year-old daughter was sitting. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Frisco Police reported that the mother and the 12-year-old daughter sustained minor injuries and were transported to a hospital in Plano for treatment. The tow truck driver was unscathed in the incident. Police say charges may be filed against the truck driver pending the outcome of the investigation.

As this tragic accident shows, victims of truck accidents are often seriously injured and sometimes even killed. In this case, a family lost a daughter and a sister in the blink of an eye.

When a family loses a loved one to a sudden and unexpected accident, it can be devastating. Families often search for answers as to why their child was taken from them. Some families feel that the driver responsible for the crash should be held accountable for their loved one’s death.

In this case, family members may be able to seek compensation for their loss. While no amount of money could ever replace a loved one, a financial award could help cover funeral costs and hospital expenses so family members can focus on what is most important during such a difficult time.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Texas wrecker rear-ends car, kills 9-year-old girl,” 9 June 2011

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