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Sexual abuse on children by babysitter is tipped off to police

Sexual molestation on children is a heinous act — robbing young victims of their innocence, and often scarring them for life. Unfortunately, sometimes, it is just the people you would think to be trustworthy with children who turn out to be the perpetrators.

In Harris County, a babysitter and her boyfriend were arrested and charged with sexually abusing children. Because the woman was a babysitter, she had plenty of access to children. The alleged crimes date back as far as 2012. One victim was said to be as young as 11 months old.

Apparently, the babysitter disclosed information to a friend about the abuse, and the friend reported it to the police. The police searched the residences of the 29-year-old woman and her boyfriend and found disturbing content. An iPhone containing explicit text messages and photos of the alleged abuse was discovered. One prosecutor stated that the text messages over a period of time seemed to suggest “something more sadistic than your typical sexual abuse.”

Young victims of sexual abuse or molestation often never fully recover from these type of traumatic events. Their trust and security can be forever tainted. Behavioral issues are a common residual of sexual abuse, as well as anger, depression, anxiety and feelings of self-loathing. In severe, traumatic incidents of violent assaults, some victims also suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome.

If a child or adult is sexually abused, he or she has a right to file for compensation for suffering and pain. In many instances, a victim may need ongoing counseling or psychiatric help for mental health problems. Seeking legal assistance in these matters should be done as soon as possible after the incident occurs or is known.

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