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Sexual abuse in children or young adult sports activities

Parents who nurture their children in sports’ activities, whether at their local school or Dallas recreational parks, are usually admired for their involvement and parenting. Most of these parents are also very trusting when it comes to the leaders and coaches of these activities. Unfortunately, there are times when that trust is misplaced.

Sports activities for children and young adults are thought to be some of the most likely breeding grounds for sexual molestation of children. If you listen to the news, you have probably heard of some instances of abuse by coaches, camp leaders or even religious leaders, but not much data has actually been collected to determine just how widespread the problem is believed to be — especially in sports activities.

One reason that data is so hard to collect is because so many cases go unreported. There are many reasons why victims do not want to report the molestation, and here are just a few:

  • They look up to their coaches, mentors or leaders.
  • They do not want to let their team down.
  • They are embarrassed or intimidated.
  • They don’t want to disappoint their parents.
  • They are scared of what will happen.
  • The longer it goes on, the more they feel responsible.

Not all sexual abuse presents physical pain or assault such as an act of rape, leaving children to believe they are not being injured or assaulted. However, this type of sexual abuse instead presents itself in guilt and self-esteem problems, which can remain throughout one’s life.

This is a problem in our society that must be paid attention to. Parents need to have an open relationship with their children about what is not acceptable behavior by their mentors, coaches or leaders. At any sign of misconduct, the children need to feel free to be open, and the parent needs to ensure it is promptly reported.

If you or your child have been sexually molested or abused by a coach or sports mentor, you should contact the authorities to ensure that the abuser’s misconduct is stopped for good. This may be the only way to remove this impiety from the lives of future children. An attorney can also stand up for your rights. They understand the helplessness, anger and other emotional trauma a victim goes through.

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