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Cost for traumatic brain injuries

Do you have any idea how much a traumatic brain injury can cost? Depending on the extent of the injury, and in the event long-term care is needed, it can be astronomical. According to Medscape, $75 to $100 billion dollars is spent annually in the United States on brain injuries. The most expensive type of brain injury for patients are those that affect the central nervous system. This type of brain injury is most likely to end up requiring long-term and ongoing care. Patients can experience psychological or psychosocial deficits, or incapacitating physical impairments.

Auto accidents are the number one cause for closed head injuries in young adults and teenagers. Statistics also show that 38 percent of critical head trauma cases in younger individuals involve alcohol or drugs. The causes for traumatic brain injuries are numerous. All it takes is one hit on the head, which can occur from a vehicle accident, a bicycle accident, a fall, a fight, or playing contact sports such as football. Evan a minor concussion can result in symptoms that may show up later down the road.

Texans should be aware if a family member suffers a traumatic hit to the head that it can be a life-altering injury. If the injury is severe, it can take months or years to recover, and full recovery does not always happen. Victims of severe head injuries only have a 30-50 percent chance of survival. Those who do survive often experience debilitating neurological issues leaving them permanently disabled or sometimes even in a vegetative state.

Not all brain injuries are this extreme, but when they are, the medical expenses and possible long-term care can devastate a family’s income. This might be the time to see an attorney, who can help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation if the accident was caused by another party. Everyone needs help sometimes, and the occurrence of a traumatic brain injury just might be one of those times,

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