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Water Contamination Lawyer

Petroleum production accidents don’t just pose a risk to the workers on a job site, or even people in the immediate vicinity. If your family was exposed to dangerous byproducts or harmed by unsafe oil and gas industry practices, our Dallas petroleum lawyers can pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

To learn more about our 40 years of experience in petroleum accident litigation, please call the Turley Law Firm today at (214) 691-4025 to schedule a free review of your case. Our Dallas attorneys represent clients in Texas, Oklahoma, and other Southwestern states.

Exposure to Oil and Gas Hazards

Drill operations such as fracking (fracturing shale rock with high-power water) seem to be everywhere in Texas. There are nearly 15,000 oil wells in the North Texas Barnett Shale area alone.

Oil extraction creates a host of waste materials, including harmful chemicals. If these chemicals enter the local water supply, residents might first experience a strange taste in tap water. In extreme cases, though, flammable tap water has resulted in severe burns.

Over time, drinking contaminated water from a drill site can cause major health issues like:

  • Damage to the lungs, liver, kidneys, and other organs
  • Nerve disorders
  • Birth defects
  • Anemia
  • Elevated risk of leukemia and other forms of cancer

Initial estimates claimed that water sources located more than 3 miles from a well would be safe for human consumption. However, new studies show that fracking contaminants are distributed through groundwater up to 25 miles away from the drilling site.

Building Your Water Contamination Case

If your family has suffered serious illness or injury because of polluted water from natural gas production, our Dallas Water Contamination Lawyers will investigate thoroughly and take action on your behalf. Water contamination and other oil and gas accidents are often the result of negligence at some point in the petroleum production process, such as:

  • Unsafe disposal of hazardous materials and waste products
  • Negligent drilling
  • Poor design or maintenance of pipelines
  • Mishandling of wastewater

Fracking has become a cause for concern because it involves blasting a mix of water, sand, and chemicals into shale rock formations deep beneath the surface of the Earth. Oil companies have yet to reveal what many of these chemicals are, but analysis suggests that the fluid used in fracking contains benzene, ethanol, and other chemicals that are hazardous to humans.

To begin building your case against an irresponsible oil company, please call (214) 691-4025 today to speak to an experienced Dallas attorney at the Turley Law Firm. We are proud to represent families in and around Barnett Shale and other oil-rich areas of Texas.

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